1. How much more beer do you think I will need to pull these off 🙂 Also I would be interested in a blog about what you do with graphic design and if you are planning to do all the illustrations for this book. I am interested in looking at different style for my book… when it is complete.

    1. Sober fist bumps… gooooood. Drunk fist bumps… BETTER!
      Actually, I am not a graphic designer. In fact, I’m barely a writer! We are taking pictures of our own fists and using online filtering programs to convert them to their finished product. Then we touch them up using a photo-editor to remove noise from the converting process and adding borders and such to each image. So those are our real fists of fury (mine is the non-hairy arm).

  2. […] – coincidentally enough she is engaged to my friend Jon who you may remember I am writing 101 Different Fist Bumps with!  My bet is this one gets done first.  Illustrations will be done on each page (signified […]

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